Right On!           

Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson

Paul Anderson, better known as Smiler, collects and plays a wide range of vintage black music and is equally at home spin­ning jazz, rhythm & blues, doo wop, Motown, ska, reggae or Afro-Latin sounds. As a DJ, he fits in perfectly with the philo­sophy behind Right On! and has played at the club a number of times over the years, never failing to amaze crowds with his deep and varied selections.

Smiler started seriously collecting records in 1983, and was first inspired by DJs Toski, Paul Hallam and Richard Early after attend­ing clubs like Sneakers and The Phoenix in London. He put on his first event in 1985 and soon began to DJ around the South of England before becom­ing a regular on the London circuit. He is well-known as the promoter and resident DJ of the influential King's Tavern R&B club in Reading which ran from 1988 until 1992.

It was in 1986 that Smiler got into the jazz scene and started going to Paul Murphy's sessions at the 100 Club, The Purple Pit at Camden's Electric Ballroom and The Purple Pussycat. He also went to clubs run by Baz Fe Jazz and Dave Hucker.

Photo of DJ Smiler

photo © Claudia Elliott

Around 1989, Smiler started to attend events run by Giles Peterson and Patrick Forge such as the now legendary Dingwalls Sunday after­noon sessions. He also attend­ed the Brighton Jazz bops run by Russ Dewbury. Inspired by these clubs, Smiler began to run his own jazz events in Reading with a friend called Keith Matthews in early 1992. During the height of Acid Jazz's popularity they ran clubs called The 4th Dimension, Cymbalism, Outrageous, and Full Circle.

Until quite recently, Smiler ran a successful night in Reading called Rude! covering many genres of vintage black music. He is still much in demand as a guest DJ in the UK and all over the Europe.