Right On!           

What's the club about?

“the music, the venue, the atmosphere etc. were all perfect”

Thanks to its attention to detail, Right On! has estab­lished itself as one of the UK's top destin­ations for dancers and lovers of vintage black music.

“a total musical education”

The club is highly respected for its music policy: 100% good-time, old-school, black dance music. Only the very best sounds are played, whether ultra-rare or well-known (avoid­ing over-played classics heard regularly else­where), all on original vinyl.

“such a wonderful, eclectic mix of people”

All music lovers are welcome regard­less of race, gender or sexual­ity. It's about having a good time whilst respect­ing others. The club does not rely on pass­ing trade — only those arriving specifi­cally for Right On! are admit­ted. There is no specific dress code, but smart and sexy dress is encouraged; fancy dress, team colours, hen parties and stag do's are not permitted.

Right On! Saturday 17th February @ Hanway Social

Next date: 17 February 2018 @ Hanway Social

“one of those places where you just can't help but dance!”

Dancing is the club's raison d'être and patrons are kindly asked to respect this by not stand­ing or drink­ing on the dance­floor. Coats and bags should be kept off the floor at all times.

Had the BEST time... the music, the venue, the atmosphere etc. were all perfect

what a great night! amazing venue... Packed dancefloor, friendly crowd too!

tremendous evening... brilliant atmosphere

Music was great.

great night, a total musical education

fantastic selection of music... the DJs were superb. Right On! ... best club night I've attended this year

I was in heaven!

a brilliant night... my first Right On! experience and boy, will I be at the next one! ... it was such a wonderful, eclectic mix of people from different scenes, all mingling together and enjoying themselves, it was so good to see

one of my favourite ever gigs... it was so refreshing to play to such a friendly and enthusiastic crowd and the amount of young people present certainly filled me full of hope for the future. This music has got a lot of life left in it yet (Jazz FM)

really enjoyed it! Very nice night with lots of friendly people... should be more of it around

What a night! My feet are still hurting! It's one of those places where you just can't help but dance! (Portsmouth)

A great night for the dancers... truly inspirational... a moment of memorable musical celebration. It is indeed a rare talent that can bring together so many different peoples to create a moving snapshot of shared social success!

I just danced all night (well, as long as I could!) ... the music was brilliant