The Right On! club was officially launched in October 2002 in celebration of Black History Month. The launch party took place @ The Net Bar on Hanway Street in the heart of London's West End and was sponsored by Blue Note Records. The night was a huge success, proving to be a complete roadblock session.

The last event held at The Net Bar was the Christmas party two months later, as Right On! relocated to a larger venue in Chinatown in 2003...

Throughout 2003, Right On! ran all-night dances @ Thirteen (formerly The Clinic) on Gerrard Street in London's Chinatown. Amongst the many guest DJs featured was the legendary Duke Vin who played to a full house and, with the help of The Matador on the mic, mashed up the place.

During this time, Right On! also worked with the critically acclaimed Standing In The Shadows Of Motown project to promote the release of their documentary film and Grammy Award-winning soundtrack album.

In 2004 and 2005, Right On! held allnighters at Sahara Nights in King's Cross. Peter Young from Jazz FM played a rare guest spot here to celebrate 25 years of his Soul Cellar show. Right On! also partnered with the Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues project, helping to promote their films and Grammy Award-winning soundtrack album.

Sahara Nights closed down in 2005, eventually reopening under new management as The Big Chill House.

Amid extensive press coverage, Right On! moved back to the West End in September 2006, in partnership with Fania Records. The official launch party for Fania's new El Barrio CD featured the album's compiler Dean Rudland on the decks with Gladdy Wax and Jean-Paul Séculaire.

This night at Torts was the biggest to date, attracting more than 350 music lovers, including many of London's best dancers. Unfortunately, the venue suddenly closed down just two months later, leading Jean-Paul to concentrate on nights with a different format...

In 2007, Jean-Paul Séculaire launched Home Cookin' — a modern jazz session held at Filthy MacNasty's in Islington, London. The highlight was a packed-out live perfomance from The Organism's Andy Fairclough (Hammond organ) and Larry Clack (drums).

Throughout 2008, Jean-Paul ran a night with Tighten Up's Mistah Brown called Chick-A-Boom @ The Vibe Bar in Brick Lane. Since then, Jean-Paul has co-promoted events at Ronnie Scott's, The Hootananny Brixton, 93 Feet East, The Troy Bar and The 100 Club.

In 2011 and 2012, Jean-Paul also brought the Right On! sound to Italy, playing at clubs in Padova, Milan, Turin, Florence, Salerno, Pescara and Rome.