At RIGHT ON! club nights we play Modern Jazz for dancers

– Soul Jazz / Latin Jazz / Afro-Cuban / Bebop / Rebop / Hard Bop / Cu-Bop / East Coast / West Coast – swinging Blue Notes to make you sweat.

Jazzniks, Beatniks, Mods & Hipsters all welcome – no room for squares.

JAZZ IS........

a SCREAM / can scare / awake or shake one UP!!
to joy's highest pitch / forth deep into fathoms where / boss
bass sounds rumble / round riffs repeat rhythms / there.....
a SHOUT is whats / thats about / jive or groove / right on
across the bridge / work and rework them changes / catch
this bit / here not steady / READY? accidentally fell in
and out of those fast changing bars / discovering and
uncovering / dare a devil phrases / skipping the last
measure at last minute / plenty plenty soul stirred down in
it in it in it / git up git up / let up off that there clicks /
away heres what I gotta say / forcing fierce fragments /
out side of me into machine voice / tearing away its
mathematics of so-call so-believed and preached music /
a moan may cause tears / reminds or just shatters / the
mask is down on its knees / now to disguise the non melody
in me / out of me / free / glad to be / keep in touch with
your axe / truth streaming across the earth / worming its
way / out beyond the seas / mountains / fields / and grave-
yard giggles / sad at first burst / bigger blacker blacks
to be had / biggest barriers broken / sound pounding is
swings / let freedom swing one more again / bright
explosions hammer human hang-ups dark moods massage
the guilt / gas leak of pleasure / marvelous images
surround / brain tissues / discarding manmade forbidden
issues / these beats blending and bending / back to black /
and forth to forward march / beats heat increased / to
arouse whats really there / down inside / soul sacks / a
black sound / a BLACK SOUND / leaps / or glides / into the
ear / of the digger (a listner who stirs) and like water and
air / Jazz is.....

good for the soul

Ted Joans (1971)