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Gladdy Wax

The legendary Gladdy Wax (aka Mr Vinyl Fingers) is quite simply one of the UK's most highly respected revival selectors and sound men. He has been running his own sound system for over 35 years now. Gladdy's talents don't stop there though; he is also a formid­able MC and singer. He was a DJ for Birmingham's Quaker City sound in the 1970s and released several records in the 1980s under the names Gladwin Wright and Glady Wax.

Gladdy is also well-known for his radio shows and for the record shop in North London that he ran for 14 years. The shop closed down in 2006, but Gladdy still sells vinyl and CDs online via his website:

As well as playing many other high-profile festivals and events all over the UK, The Gladdy Wax sound system is a key attract­ion at the Notting Hill Carnival in August every year.

Gladdy Wax has a seriously deep record collect­ion but, more import­antly, he is a pass­ionate enter­tainer and a selector par excel­lence.

Photo of DJ Gladdy Wax

photo © Will Bourton

Gladdy's attention to detail at all levels is second-to-none: from the tone of his sound system to his gold record centres and trade­mark white gloves (to protect his precious vinyl records from finger­prints).

Gladdy Wax has been a regular guest at Right On! show­casing his soul, funk and rockin' r&b 45s along­side the killer ska, rocksteady and reggae for which he is best known.